Joseph Hesketh

Games Designer and Researcher

In my spare time, I like to perform in a variety of different forms of acting. I have mainly performed in improvised shows and scripted comedy plays, but my experience also includes work on an ITV drama, voice acting for a video game, and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Whilst my main research and career interests are involved with games, I hope to incorporate my passion for performance into my career. Either through acting myself, or another form of help.

Below are a list of some highlights:


Submersion was a final year Computer Science project at the University of Bristol which used a VR headset and Leap Motion to simulate swimming. I was asked to voice the main protagonist, the stranded astronaut on the water planet.


Whilst doing my undergraduate, I spent a majority of my spare time involved in the improv scene both inside and outside of the University of Bristol. I performed fornightly in Bristol Improv's comedy night, I took part in a long form and a short form performance to the Edinburgh Fringe, I also stayed for 20 hours of a 26 hour Improvathon too.